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Eighteen images of Arnica montana is, native to Europe. The whole plant is used, but most often the flowers. Preparations of arnica flowers have long been a popular folk remedy, used externally in the form of creams, ointments or tinctures for the treatment of sprains, bruises, and in helping to accelerate wound-healing (once the wound is closed). It is seldom used internally because of potential toxicity. Arnica, often associated with homeopathic topical products, is widely used in Europe externally as an antiphlogistic, anti-inflammatory, mild pain reliever, and antiseptic for injuries, sprains, bruising, swelling related to bone fractures, insect bites, rheumatic pains, arthralgia and occasionally for the external treatment of phlebitis. In short, in Europe it is the number one herbal first aid cream, with as many as 300 products available in the German market alone.

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Please contact Steven Foster for pricing and terms at [email protected] or call +1-479-253-2629.