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Common Names—Q
Common Name Scientific Name
Qian-cao Rubia cordifolia
Qing-hao Artemisia annua
Qin-jiao Gentiana tibetica
Qing-mu-xiang (root) Aristolochia debilis
Quaking Aspen Populus tremuloides
Quamash Camassia quamash
Quassia Quassia amara
Queen Agave Agave victoriae-reginae
Queen Victoria Agave Agave victoriae-reginae
Queen-of-the-Meadow Filipendula rubra
Quillaja Quillaja brasiliensis
Quillaja Quillaja saponaria
Quilquina Porophyllum ruderale
Quince, Japanese Flowering Chaenomeles speciosa
Qing-di (dye extract from leaf) Isatis tinctoria (Isatis indigotica)
Quinine, Wild Parthenium integrifolium
Qu-mai Dianthus superbus