Steven Foster's Images of Epiphyllum hookeri, also known as Epiphyllum phyllanthus var. hookeri, Hooker's Night-blooming cereus, Hooker's Dutchman's Pipe Cactus, Hooker's orchid cactus

Stock images of Epiphyllum hookeri, Hooker's Night-blooming cereus. Photos © 2011 Steven Foster. Please contact us for pricing and terms at or call +1-479-253-2629.

Eighteen images of Eiphyllum hookeri. One of 12 species in the genus native to topical regions of the Americas, Epiphyllum hookeri is grown as a house plant and is among the cacti that bloom at night collectively referred to as "night-blooming cereus", although they are not a Cereus species. Their beauty speaks for themselves. This species occurs in Mexico, Central America, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela.

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Please contact Steven Foster for pricing and terms at or call +1-479-253-2629.