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Prints Now Available

Many of our friend ask for fine art prints to display in their homes, offices, to purchase as gifts or simply for their own enjoyment. We are now offering prints through Fine Art America. Yes, you may want to mat and frame one of our prints; however we have chosen Fine Art America to produce prints of Steven Foster's photographs, because they produce high quality photographic prints, plus offer a wide range of add-on options including matting, framing, stretched canvas prints, museum-quality canvas prints, as well as folded cards which you can add to your order. The order is filled within 2-3 business days and ships to the address you specify. With thousands of mat and frames available, the print comes to your front door ready to hang on the wall, or if you choose, you can simply order the print and mount it yourself. Our limited gallery offerings can be customized by adding almost any image on this site for display and enjoyment. Various sizes, matting and framing options, plus folded cards and postcards available. If it's a coffee mug, we can do that, too. We can put a custom gallery together for your display project or decorating needs. Pick options and order on-line. Consider the timing of a one person office, please. It's just me.

What's Available?

All of our images are available as prints of various sizes printed with your choices in paper and canvas, (with matting and framing options), folded cards, postcards, etc. We have a limited number of images up at our Fine Art America gallery page. However, if there's anything that you want a print of, just email us the image name and number and simply indicate that you would like to consider purchasing a print of the image or images, and we upload it to the Fine Art America gallery page, then send you a link, and you can place your order directly from there. Just go to our home page and you will find links to all of our botanical galleries (either by scientific name or common name) in the left column. Links to other subjects are in the dark middle column. We have images of many subjects beyond botanicals!


One of the great features at Fine Art America is a magnifier tool that allows you to view the image at full resolution. This will allow you to see if the print fits your needs. If you have any questions please email Steven Foster. Since the prints ship directly from Fine Art America, Steven Foster is unable to sign them.